С 13 января 2025 года стоимость обслуживание одного трекера 220 в месяц
We increase profitability, reduce costs and take advantage of the introduction of transport monitoring systems into the daily work of the company.
"We do not steal, but only take what we have not been paid honestly" - this is exactly the thought that visits the driver of the vehicle when he replenishes his budget at your expense.

Transport monitoring systems are one of the most effective cost reduction solutions. As they say, the saved ruble, the earned ruble.

Here we have no changes, all areas where vehicles are somehow involved in the work are obliged to use all available means for control. The simplest and most obvious advantages of installing GPS tracking of company cars:

1. Using the car for personal purposes. This is a really important point, and it depends not only on the fact that the employee, for example, spends working time for personal purposes, but also wastes your fuel, wears out your car and tires. And for cargo vehicles, they are very expensive now.

2. Control of speeding and driving style. No matter how obvious it is right away, well, we control the speed, and if anything, we will make the driver pay the fines, and that's it. In fact, there is much more here. Constantly accelerating and slowing down, there is increased wear on the car. This is followed by increased fuel consumption. As well as the risks of an accident. And now they should not be excluded, as not when the risks and damages of DPT can be hung dead weight on your company.

Again, the answer. We will hang everything on the employee, but in the current situation, the driver himself often has no money, there is nothing to collect from him. And he can also cancel the bankruptcy procedure for just 100,000 rubles and get rid of your claim, even if he lost the court earlier and was credited with paying the entire amount of expenses incurred. The described cases are just the tip of the iceberg in the world of GPS monitoring of transport and the problems that it not only helps to solve, but also actively prevent. Automation of business processes and increased discipline and responsibility of drivers and staff will also be advantages.
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